January Mix.. Let’s Dance.. Let’s Shout..

Hey Everybody

I wanted to start the new year with music!!! Obviously right?? LOL.. anyway I wanted to start out by being thankful for the previous year with all of it’s ups and downs. I am thankful that I am here doing what I love to do.. which is music and entertaining people.

Every month I will be posting a new mix of house music to inspire, move and uplift… My goal is to help the world dance. House music has always allowed people to unite under ONE song and love. I hope these tunes will help the world do just that.. UNITE!

This new mix is my housemix of The Jacksons “Shake Your Body Down”. Of course I added some of my own musicianship as well as show off my production skills.. I hope you all enjoy this!!!

Enough of the talk! Now DANCE and SHOUT!! OH.. by the way.. A new original single is coming soon.. Stay tuned!!!! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS!!! I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!



So glad you all made it to the page!!! Thank you guys SOOOOOO MUCH!!! 

Just a little info for you guys.. I wrote, produced, performed, programmed, engineered, and composed every track on the project. I had a little help from my boy Shawn Charles who co-produced Electric Levite and my home-girl Elaina Thompson who helped me with the background vocals on I am Eriq Troi and Jeanine Love on background vocals on Rebel Musik (The Psycho Jam).

This project took me almost 4 years to record. Why so long? Welp.. LIFE!!! This happens or that happens to where I had to put certain things ahead of the project to maintain peace and balance in my life.. dig?

Anywho.. The recording process is DONE!! … NOW THE REAL WORK BEGINS!!! The next process is to find a single which is where YOU guys come in.

All you have to do is listen to the tracks…. leave a comment about the ones YOU like! Yup.. that’s it!

Just so you all know, in order to leave a comment, you have to leave an email.  For those who leave a comment I have FREE joints I would love to send you for taking the time to listen.. YOUR KIND EARS are appreciated!


Thank you soooo much for taking the time to listen

love Eriq Troi #rebelmusik


Fur Elise.. What if Beethoven wanted to groove???

I was going through my catalog of stuff (that has yet to be heard ) to revisited my old joint Fur Elise off the first EHG project “From The Basement To The Heart.. Life’s Soundtrack Vol. 1” and I thought wow!!! This joint is really good.. Ok I’m sounding like a narcissist.. but for real though.. no seriously.. check it out! (on iTunes too)
I went back to the thought and time when this tune first came to me… In Germany. I originally did this with a jazz quartet while I was living outside of Heidleburg, Germany. I’ve always love this joint and thought Hmm.. wouldn’t it be cool to honor the cat that made this tune.
The concept came from the thought of Beethoven being funky. LOL. Yeah I know… right.. but the fellas in the band that it would be cool to tackle it and make it a 4/4 count to give a groove. Add some bottom(bass that is) and make the piano swing a little.. We performed it in this little joint by the hauptbaunhoft (main train station) in the middle of Mannheim and the natives seemed to really dig the rendition of Ludwig’s funky new old classic.. LOL.. The crazy thing is that we never got around to recording it.
Welp… 2009 comes around and finally the time came to record it. Back in the States.. different cats of course. It took on a whole different interpretation from my original concept. It was more laid back but still just as powerful.. maybe in more. I love experimenting with all types of musical concepts and styles. This version took on a more jazz fusion flava with a dramatic climax towards the end instead of the swing. However it still have the element of GROOVE. Check it out.. Like Share Enjoy!

Drums – Mike Watkins / Piano, Bass, Strings – Kenneth Wallace / Lead bass and guitars and production Eriq Troi 

By all means!!! leave a comment.. I’d love to hear from you!! 

XOXO Hugs & Kisses Revisited … Track 4 Phone Sex

I was going through my hard drive; with all of my songs, demos, and song ideas and thought to myself.. WOW! I have over a thousand pieces of music on this hard drive! SHEESE!!! One particular piece I did was a track in which I sampled various phone noises and made it into a track. I called this track Phone Sex.

Phone Sex has all of the bottom to rattle the trunk, the melodies to carry you into other dimensions, and just enough rhythm to “get your swerve on” (LOL.. I’m so old)..

Initially this project was going to be called Musique Erotica. I didn’t want people to think this it was “porn music”. I didn’t want to alienate people who were a little less adventurous when it came to matters of intimacy either. I also wanted it to be a back drop of straight groove and chill-out music that could serve as the night’s theme for sensual encounters. More importantly, just good music.

If you have already purchased this project, I thank you warmly and ask that you leave a comment, share and tell your friends. I would love to hear your feed back. If you HAVEN’T heard it.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! It’s available on iTunes and any where digital music is sold.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Eriq Troi