Deep Cleveland – A New HOUSEMUSIC Experience


Housemusic before it was “deep” “tech” “trance” or whatever! House inspired for the dancer by a “dancer”!!!!     DON’T FORGET TO JOIN THE EMAIL LIST by leaving a comment below!!!

Deep Cleveland song list page



    • I’m glad you liked the EP!!! Wooo HOOO.

      Just hit the download button and pay what you feel it’s worth.. That’s it. Don’t forget to tell a friend about it..


  1. Brotha Warrior King, you are a blessed genius! Meda asé for this inspiration and soul joy!

    Now why won’t PayPal work/take my card payment? I’ve tried 3 times and nothing but an error message. Just FYI…

    You may want to add Google Wallet as an option for payments (if the site will allow it). Just sayin…

    I’m jumping out of my skin to buy your XOXO album!


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