Memoirs Of A Northeast Ohio Artist: Reflection Time

Yeah ok.. It’s been a while since I have posted a memoir. Don’t judge me. LOL.. Nah but for real.. The balancing act between the day job and the transition to music career is a constant thing. I have to make a good representation of the company I work for and to whom I am grateful to have a job. At the same time I want to be the change I seek around here. I say “around here” because I have to bloom where I am planted.

Locally I have noticed a lot of ideals that define music as “excellent” is quite contradictory to the ideals of excellence that has come before. I want to say it’s a generational thing but that’s not entirely true. One thing I think is that there’s no mentorship with the younger musicians/artists. In my experience, I was blessed to have my an uncle, a cousin and their friends to show me things. I also had music in my school as a part of the general curriculum. I also had examples of groups like Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Prince and The Revolution, Santana, Parliament-Funkadelic, Rush (this list is ongoing) to be examples of what giving a performance that goes beyond explanation look like. This was my standard and I saw local groups back in the day reach and sometimes go beyond that standard.

Live_At_B-Side_2006_Mic_Check.wav(my band live in Clevleand Heights, Ohio The B-Side as backing band for Bill – spoken word artist – Spoken Word Concert Series 2006)

When speaking of such standards on a local level, the issue of budget comes up. But I remember everybody in the band chipping in and pooling their recourses to give a show that was bigger than life. More importantly it was really about the creativity. All those guys in my uncle and cousin’s band all had day jobs. They all had the expectation that no one is going to give them anything. Looking back on those guys, they were “average” in skill level individually but collectively they were colossal!

My hope for the change I seek is to be the example of perseverance through rejection, the nay says from local cliques, and the beacon of creativity and musical excellence, to give my local audience a musical experience that defies explanation, to be the standard in which the bar is raised/set, and synonymous to ideals of musical innovation…starting right here where I am planted!

Memoirs Of A NEO Artist Chapter 3 -The Artists With Day Jobs

As an artist with a day job here in Northeast Ohio, sometimes we get up on Mondays and feel like calling off to finish a project or to just say NO I DON’T WANNA COME IN ON GENERAL PRINCIPLE. Fact is, we just can’t do that. We have rent to pay, bills, our children, car notes, and all other sorts of financial responsibilities. So no! We can’t just leave or call off. For now we have to be thankful for our day jobs. We have to be grateful and make the most of where we are and what we do. After all WE’RE the ones who chose that job. It didn’t choose us.

So how do we get to that grateful place of Zen and peace? How do we balance the psychotic, anal retentive, micro-managing supervisor who has nothing else better to do except harass you on every little thing you do that’s not “in compliance with company policy” which he/she uses to make you look like you’re not a team player? This is a tough cookie indeed. The way to navigate through this is to focus on the things you DO like about the job and why you chose the job in the first place. We have to focus on the positive. Yes.. This is an active thing we must do BEFORE we clock in. I will be the first to admit I am not always successful at this mental exercise. I can be a bit of a brat when it comes to my time. At times, I chose not to focus. For me, I look back at the time when I was jumping around from couch to couch trying to figure out what I’m going to eat. So that being my alternative, I sometimes make a point to stop right where I am and breathe. Then I start back and pace myself through out the work day to prevent burn-out. Focusing on what we want our day to look like is key. I am more successful at this than not.

Speaking of artists with day jobs, I think as artist we undervalue some of the things we learn there…or at least some of us. Work Ethic is a key ingredient for a working artist. A lot of my fellow artist here in NEO have never understood the idea of work ethic. A part of work ethic is BEING ON TIME. If you are late all the time on the day job, most likely disciplinary action will be taken. If we call in sick all the time or not show up. If we have lame excuses as to why a job wasn’t done properly. Spreading rumors on the job. Inner-office romances. Appearance not up to company standards…I know this sounds like corporate crap we don’t wanna hear (I know it grosses me out too) but these things are the difference between the artist who will have longevity and a reputation of excellence as opposed to the artist who ends up in their 40’s and 50’s talking about the good ole days as they complain about the factory work they hate or how the city the live in is killing them creatively. In other words, let’s look at our dreams as the day jobs we want.. AND TREAT IT AS IF WE HAVE OUR BOSSES DOWN OUR NECKS TO DO OUR DREAMS.

Eriq Troi’s Remix of Alicia Keys’ Fallin

Ok.. I’m back at it again. I wanted all my friends and family to take a good listen. If you like it, vote on it. It only takes a few minutes to check it out. The key is to share this to as many folk as you possibly can. I hope to of course to become the “grand prize” winner, however, earning YOUR ears is just as important to me. For those who have already listened and voted, I thank you so much. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words and of course your ears.

Ok.. Let the music play.

Eriq Troi.. Electric Levite.

EHG – Elemental Hard Groove Earth Math EP Available NOW

Click this link for the New EP!


The debate on whether or not to do a full length CD was tossed around back and forth. The new Earth Math project was a labor of love and pure heart-expression. Like the last  CD it is a series of recorded emotions and sound-scapes for those who have the ears for groove. Even though there are over 100 tracks recorded, I picked the 7 that stood out as a good “intro” to the sophomore project. The cool thing about this project, coming from an executive point of view, is that it’s now just me. Unlike the last project, which is a great project, there are NO other people to appease and block the growth of the music. After all, this music is/was for the intention to heal and enhance the lives of the listeners.

For those who don’t know, the old “members” are no longer around. Currently, the “band” is who I allow it to be at any given time. The name is basically owned by me. After all, the concept was mine so why wouldn’t I OWN it. As a consequence, the music on this new project is composed, produced, and performed by myself. EHG is an extension of the “Eriq Troi” persona. It is the mature side of my music; a more “grown-up” approach to the ear.

Again, GROOVE being the key word. The grooves themselves are “elemental” like the building blocks that shape the molecular world. Each groove has it’s own DNA to make new life. I wanted to share these creations with people whom I’ve had a connection with. People whom I’ve actually had conversations with. Yes this is very least I think so. But this music is the mathematics to heal our world one person at a time. With that being said, that’s my approach to the promotion. Organic, intimate, and pure at heart. No it’s not the standard on how music today is promoted, however, this isn’t for standard listeners either. It’s for those who have the extraordinary ears and mindsets to CHOOSE  happiness and healing. People like YOU!

Ok… Now to the project. This EP is only $5 bucks. You can download it from this link Music is the gift that keeps on giving. My hope and prayer is that this music will serve as an enhancement for your life and the lives of those you love.


Thank you so much for taking the time to look, read and hear…

Eriq Troi




Dimelo (Guitar weeps in passion mix) feat Eriq Troi


This track was originally done by Melissa Figuroa aka Lady Cha~Cha ( I have/had the permission to “remix” this song and came up with this idea.

This tracks was inspired by The Art Of Noise’s Moments In Love. A track where you just zone off in to outer-self with the one you are in love with. This song is all about passion (or at least my remix is). There is a 9 minute 25 second version of this song to be released later. Yeah they no longer make songs like this or this long anymore. However for those of us who remember that era, there is something being done about it…. (wink-wink)

Any way, I hope you all enjoy this little diddy. It’s not 9 minutes.. just 3 minutes and some seconds.. LOL… More to come soon.

Love y’all

Eriq Troi

The Eriq Troi IdelogicalGhettoMetalRockNSoul Mixtape ONLINE FREE!

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My Music. My way. I hope you all dig these tracks. Most of these are free to download. Please, by all means, make yourself known by subscribing. This is my FREE online EP The Eriq Troi IdeologicalGhettoMetalRockNSoul Mixtape??? These are a collection of tracks that I covered and remade. No I’m not selling them. Only the original tracks are the ones for sale.

Just a bit of a preview of the forth-coming EP Rebel Musik.

Dimelo Ghetto Metal Mix Melissa Figueroa a.k.a. Cha~Cha

Ok.. so I have taken the job of “producer”. I wanted to share a tune oringinally done by an artist who has incredible vocal ability, a sexy stage performance and just an overall great person. Her label/CEO allowed me to have the task of making a remix of her song from 2 years ago entitled “Dimelo”. Yes! She’s a latin artist who has/is challenging me to seriously go deep inside of myself to pull this music out.

 I introduce to you Melissa Figueroa aka Cha~Cha. Just a little funk on a latin flava.

I hope you all enjoy… check her out @

My Remix of John Legend featuring the Roots…Shine


I wanted to thank everyone who voted and shared my remix with everyone you knew. I would like to give everyone a chance to hear who I am as an artist. I am forever grateful for those of you who actually took the time out to let my idea of the remix land upon your kind ears. I will know if I am considered after the 18th of February. Praying for some kind of miracle.

Well anywho, here is a link to download FREE music I did. My remakes. My way. Enjoy


Eriq Troi Remix of John Legend Featuring The Roots – Shine

Ok.. I didn’t win. BUT a lot of people liked my remix of John Legend’s “Shine” off the CD he did as a collab with The Roots. So I thought I’d share it again. I didn’t get enough votes. But hey, you win some, you loose some. Anyway I was urged by a friend to go ahead and share with the world what John Legend missed.

Check out the link. I hope you all enjoy.

I wanted to share my philosophy behind the making of the track for those of you who really liked it. As you know making music is an act of faith. You hear the music inside you and then you go for it. That’s pretty much the process in a nut-shell. This is always subjected to criticisms and opinions, which to me is a sign that I am doing something that stands out… good, bad, or indifferent. That being said, I am obedient to the music I hear inside of me. For those who have ears, THEY will hear.

This particular remix was a part of a contest that John Legend and his record company was sponsoring. He uploaded some of the instrument files on the site and made them downloadable. I heard the original track and thought to myself how can I make it “bounce”. For those of you who are familiar with me on a personal level, you know that I am all about the FUNK! I’m from Ohio! What did you expect? LOL… Any-who… I thought the track felt sad to me. The lyrics to this song are so beautiful and full of light. I felt that the music should have the same feeling. Full of light and fun (with a k). I wanted it to feel inspiring. Something you could put in your car or clean the house with.

In the end, I wanted the opportunity to have a conversation with John himself about it. To be able to call him “friend”. I would’ve love the opportunity to say I have the “official remix” to this song. To be able to open doors for other local/indie artists. To be a standard of excellence in this industry we call music.

Again. Thank you all so much for voting for my remix! (for those who voted). And thank you for your kind ears.

Love All

Eriq Troi

My name is Eriq Troi. Pleased to meet you!


My name is Eriq Troi. Pleased to meet you. I invite you into my world. I hope you make yourself present and comfortable. I have music to share. I hope this music lands on kind ears. Go ahead and subscribe… it’s ok.. I just wanna play some music and have a conversation. That means I wanna hear from YOU. Talk to you soon.