Blooming Where Planted – Unsigned & Unlimited Podcast


 Blooming Where Planted – Unsigned & Unlimited is about 3 things.

ONE.. The MUSIC. There is so much AMAZING music from AMAZING artists out there that deserves to be heard. Yes the music here is unsigned, independent, and hand picked to cater to the vibe of the interviewed artist.

TWO… The ARTISTS. What people need to remember is that this amazing music comes from people. People who are just like YOU! People that have ups and downs like everybody else. They translate these life experiences into what we know as our soundtracks for our own lives. These people are NOT the super famous folk you’d see on television or hear on the radio (but we hope they will be). They’re just “regular” people like you and me.

THREE… The STORIES. When you listen to the artists as they tell their own life stories, you’ll find just how truly connected we are. The vulnerability of the artist is what makes each episode special. They reveal parts of themselves to let you know that every melody, lyric, tempo, groove, and harmony was a personal experience.

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