The Power Of She pt. 2

Here is part 2 of a four part series of women in music in the Northeast Ohio area. As most new things I wanted to start out acknowledging the people in my own front/back yards first. There are so many amazing music makers here that need to be heard. I hope you all tak a moment to check em out and let em know that their music matters.

In part 2 we interviewed Mariama Whyte. She was so gracious in letting us in to her world for a few moments. We got a chance to hear her story behind the music. Be sure to check out Mariama Whyte and let her know that her music matters.

We also feature music from Stacey Richardson-Crawford aka Sarah’s GirlJ.PennelopeNeo Souljah, and Gwen Maul. Be sure to check the music of these amazing artists.

Blooming Where Planted – Unsigned & Unlimited – The Power Of She Ep.1 Pt.1

This is the first of a four part series featuring women who are unsigned recording artists from the Cleveland metropolitan area. Although there will be more artists featured, the focus, as of the next three parts of this episode, is charity starting at home. In other words, I’m starting with what’s right here in my own front/back yards.

This episode features Barabara Barrett, a jazz, classical/opera, gospel and soul singer from Cleveland who has deep roots in her hometown jazz scene.

She can be found by clicking

Check out the podcast Blooming Where Planted – The Power Of She Episode 1 – Part 1

Also featured is the music from Cleveland artists Stacey Crawford-Richardson, Nancy Redd-Shelton, Sherena Wynn, and Gwen Maul.

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