EHG – Elemental Hard Groove Earth Math EP Available NOW

Click this link for the New EP!


The debate on whether or not to do a full length CD was tossed around back and forth. The new Earth Math project was a labor of love and pure heart-expression. Like the last  CD it is a series of recorded emotions and sound-scapes for those who have the ears for groove. Even though there are over 100 tracks recorded, I picked the 7 that stood out as a good “intro” to the sophomore project. The cool thing about this project, coming from an executive point of view, is that it’s now just me. Unlike the last project, which is a great project, there are NO other people to appease and block the growth of the music. After all, this music is/was for the intention to heal and enhance the lives of the listeners.

For those who don’t know, the old “members” are no longer around. Currently, the “band” is who I allow it to be at any given time. The name is basically owned by me. After all, the concept was mine so why wouldn’t I OWN it. As a consequence, the music on this new project is composed, produced, and performed by myself. EHG is an extension of the “Eriq Troi” persona. It is the mature side of my music; a more “grown-up” approach to the ear.

Again, GROOVE being the key word. The grooves themselves are “elemental” like the building blocks that shape the molecular world. Each groove has it’s own DNA to make new life. I wanted to share these creations with people whom I’ve had a connection with. People whom I’ve actually had conversations with. Yes this is very least I think so. But this music is the mathematics to heal our world one person at a time. With that being said, that’s my approach to the promotion. Organic, intimate, and pure at heart. No it’s not the standard on how music today is promoted, however, this isn’t for standard listeners either. It’s for those who have the extraordinary ears and mindsets to CHOOSE  happiness and healing. People like YOU!

Ok… Now to the project. This EP is only $5 bucks. You can download it from this link Music is the gift that keeps on giving. My hope and prayer is that this music will serve as an enhancement for your life and the lives of those you love.


Thank you so much for taking the time to look, read and hear…

Eriq Troi