Dimelo (Guitar weeps in passion mix) feat Eriq Troi


This track was originally done by Melissa Figuroa aka Lady Cha~Cha (http://whoischacha.com). I have/had the permission to “remix” this song and came up with this idea.

This tracks was inspired by The Art Of Noise’s Moments In Love. A track where you just zone off in to outer-self with the one you are in love with. This song is all about passion (or at least my remix is). There is a 9 minute 25 second version of this song to be released later. Yeah they no longer make songs like this or this long anymore. However for those of us who remember that era, there is something being done about it…. (wink-wink)

Any way, I hope you all enjoy this little diddy. It’s not 9 minutes.. just 3 minutes and some seconds.. LOL… More to come soon.

Love y’all

Eriq Troi

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