Eriq Troi Remix of John Legend Featuring The Roots – Shine

Ok.. I didn’t win. BUT a lot of people liked my remix of John Legend’s “Shine” off the CD he did as a collab with The Roots. So I thought I’d share it again. I didn’t get enough votes. But hey, you win some, you loose some. Anyway I was urged by a friend to go ahead and share with the world what John Legend missed.

Check out the link. I hope you all enjoy.

I wanted to share my philosophy behind the making of the track for those of you who really liked it. As you know making music is an act of faith. You hear the music inside you and then you go for it. That’s pretty much the process in a nut-shell. This is always subjected to criticisms and opinions, which to me is a sign that I am doing something that stands out… good, bad, or indifferent. That being said, I am obedient to the music I hear inside of me. For those who have ears, THEY will hear.

This particular remix was a part of a contest that John Legend and his record company was sponsoring. He uploaded some of the instrument files on the site and made them downloadable. I heard the original track and thought to myself how can I make it “bounce”. For those of you who are familiar with me on a personal level, you know that I am all about the FUNK! I’m from Ohio! What did you expect? LOL… Any-who… I thought the track felt sad to me. The lyrics to this song are so beautiful and full of light. I felt that the music should have the same feeling. Full of light and fun (with a k). I wanted it to feel inspiring. Something you could put in your car or clean the house with.

In the end, I wanted the opportunity to have a conversation with John himself about it. To be able to call him “friend”. I would’ve love the opportunity to say I have the “official remix” to this song. To be able to open doors for other local/indie artists. To be a standard of excellence in this industry we call music.

Again. Thank you all so much for voting for my remix! (for those who voted). And thank you for your kind ears.

Love All

Eriq Troi

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