Synthetic Soul (The White Label Chronicles) HOUSE MUSIC REMIXES FOR FREE

I love HOUSE MUSIC!! check out some of my remixes.. By the way. This collection is FREE TO DOWNLOAD!!!

This is a prelude to my Deep Cleveland project which a collection of ORIGINAL works. Stay tuned!!!


  1. Eriq I just ordered some other tunes and this is my problem
    I have no Idea how to download these to burn a cd, if you could make 2 of them for me I will add more money for you doing this for me. I love Eriqs music, and my hair stylist would love a copy. as would I..I’m in a truly difficult situation because I have no way to burn these to a cd.. I want to be able to listen to his music in my car.. What are my chances of having you burn 2 copies of what I bought and paying you more for the service, Sorry I’m really old school on these things but really love this music. I’m willing to pay 50.00 for two copies. Please let me know ~laurel

    I’m also going to have the same issue with this when it comes out..please let me know if you can do this for me..I’ll gladly pay for you doing this for me.


    • Hey Laurel.
      First off.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! Wow. I am always grateful that someone purchases my music!

      Mkay .. Lets see if we can get this music burned to a disk for you, shall we?

      You should have Windows Media or iTunes for Windows. I would take all the music you just downloaded and make a folder on your desktop.

      Then, if you have windows, you may have an option that says “open with” and the various programs such as Windows Media or iTunes should pop up on the side bar. Click one of those options.

      You have to go in to your “downloads” folder and drag music from there to the desktop folder youve created on to your desktop.

      Once you e created the folder on the desktop and put music in it, you then click your list and an option should come up “burn list” .. Click this option and follow directions.


    • ty Eriq I know I would like to give a copy to my Hair stylist he’s a very artsy black man and always has music playing in his salon. I would love for him to let some of this music just play for his customers. I always try to pass music on when I believe it’s good. My friend Kevin Quinn in LA, the one who was in a band put your stuff on his time line.
      I truly believe what you were saying about the Cleveland scene, as I have written we have the same thing here but one thing= Detroit does have the Electronic thing going on ( I can’t recall what month) People from all over the world come to this event. Plus there is the Jazz Festival in the latter months of the summer on the water front. I don’t know if these things would be interesting to you but they do happen every year. ~laurel
      I will now try to download this music. As I said I do not mind paying you to burn me 2 discs if 50.00 plus my shipping costs would interest you. I am not the worlds best leaner of new things. but I will try and download your music. If I can’t and am getting all confused I’ll seek some help and if that doesn’t';t happen just call it a donation. But I want your music.. New things that interest me musically are far and in-between, and I still get excited when I hear something that is really cool. Why? because my headphones say so. peace ~laurel


  2. I have always been a fan – as well as I am your DJ – cause noone else can vibe to my beats like you bruh….. Love the Tracks ——God Made You Funky!!!


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